What jerking

what jerking

1. To masturbate by rubbing the penis, jack off. 2. To waste time in an annoying way. Goof off, jerk around, fart around. 3. A person who is distracted and wasting time. Also spelled: jerk-off 4. An insult: something you'd call a person, implying vaguely that the person is clueless or inferior. The definition of a jerk-off is slang for something done which is obnoxious or annoying. An example of a jerk-off is when you are purposely cut-off in traffic. Jerk-off is defined as an offensive term that is something relating to masturbation. An example of a jerk-off is male masturbation. YourDictionary definition and usage. Looking for online definition of jerking in the Medical Dictionary? jerking explanation free. What is jerking? Meaning of jerking medical term. What does jerking mean?.

What jerking -

The borzois jumped up, jerking the rings of the leashes and pricking their ears. Oppenheim reflex see responseOppenheim. Babinski's reflex see responseextensor plantar. Define jerking. jerking synonyms, jerking pronunciation, jerking translation, English dictionary definition of jerking. v. jerked, jerk·ing, jerks v. tr. 1. To give a sudden quick thrust, push, pull, or twist to. 2. To throw or toss with a quick abrupt motion. 3. Jerking definition, a quick, sharp pull, thrust, twist, throw, or the like; a sudden movement: The train started with a jerk. See more. Define jerking off. jerking off synonyms, jerking off pronunciation, jerking off translation, English dictionary definition of jerking off. Noun 1. jerking off - slang for masturbation hand job, jacking off, wank masturbation, onanism - manual stimulation of the genital organs for sexual. what jerking


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